Timothy McVeigh

Dedicated to the memory of Timothy McVeigh...

On Monday, June 11th, 2001 at 07:14 a.m. the heart of hero Timothy McVeigh ceased to beat. He died like a real man, a man of honor and principle. Timothy McVeigh consciously did an action and consciously accepted its consequences. He didn't beg for his life the very Jewish American government and its FBI dogs but he bravely faced his fate. He died unrepentant, without offering one word of regret. 

His face was blank, tense and disciplined - all but for one thin second, as the sedative seemed to take hold when "He clenched his mouth like he was trying to fight a sleep". McVeigh, 33, died with his eyes wide open and staring, and only when his heart stopped did his eyes roll slightly  back in his head, breaking the stare that had held the witnesses both in the execution chamber and hundreds kilometers away in Oklahoma City. 

When he exploded federal building with 3150-kilogram bomb on April 19,1995, he aimed on FBI dogs, cool-blooded murders, who several years before that burned alive almost one hundred members of Branch Davidian Church at Waco, Texas, including women and children. They tried to call that mass-suicide but in fact it was not. They made an assault and then set a fire on building with people who resisted the government that was trampling their individual rights, with people who just wanted to protect their own freedom and did nothing socially dangerous. But the Jewish government and FBI see being Politically Incorrect as sufficient reason for killing its own citizens. Timothy just paid back. 

Some innocents died in Oklahoma City. However, this is a war and Timothy was a soldier on it. In most wars civilians die more often than combatants, that's a grim reality. And it is impossible to count how many innocent lives were taken by the Jews during the history. They and their servants deserve such payback.

His memory will be in our hearts and his bravery should serve as an example to us.



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