Satan star over Christian Cyprus

Today I would like to say some words about hidden symbols that came in our everyday life and that we do not pay attention to. We think that these things appears themselves, without somebody's evil will. In fact they do not. Outrageous Jewish tribe feel so much power that it does not afraid to show it and demonstrate its signs. Jewish symbols, Mason symbols, Cabbala signs, Satanism became so usual that we all got used to them.

Jesus Christ under the Jewish-Satan stars

Jesus Christ under Satan Symbol.

The Sign of Devil - reverted 5-ended star inside Jewish Star of David - probably means the Jewish power and the Satan power above Orthodox Christian Cyprus, where the photo was taken. It also can mean the total Jewish control over all Christian world and Christianity, because it overshadows the image of new born Jesus Christ in the house.

Let me describe one example. Before Russian Revolution in 1917 the 5-ended star, that now is associated with communism was not so famous and popular. Some sects such Satanists used reverted star as a sign of Devil, where two upper ends were horns, two middle were ears, and the lowest was beard. It was popular among Jews and in result of "Russian" Revolution, where Jews were the driving power (near 85% of all top commanders like Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Buharin etc.). As a result it became the sign of the whole country with huge population.

Aryan Swastika

It is famous fact that before others signs were used, for instance swastika appeared on the number of Orthodox icons. It was used as a picture on the towels and homes. It was nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately nowadays it is associated with Hitler and anti-humanism only.

In fact right and left swastikas are Aryan Signs, which has a history of a thousand years and meant sunrise and sunset, as I remember.

In the present they are changed by Zion symbols. We experienced reverted triangle on Ukrainian TV, which is the opposite of normal triangle - another Slavic symbol of Slavic Heritage. It has an opposite meaning of course. We accept '666' as a basis of line-code that is written on all goods. These long lines at the beginning, middle and the end are interpreted by computers as '666'. The same number will be used in magnetic tape of the new European passports.

We feel the promotion of homosexuality and rejection of normal human values. Satan sects are no longer prohibited, although they commit a number of crimes and murders in the glory of their god. According to my friends observations and even Alexander Barkashov's article (from deleted site, there are a lot of such staff in New-York like Casino '666' or Satan sect promotion in the airports. Even in Orthodox Cyprus one of the biggest Taxi companies has a number 666-000.

Why? I refer to Alexander Barkashov's article again. According to it, Jehovah, the God of old testament, is not the father of Jesus Christ. Jesus said to Jews: Your father is Devil. Think yourself: Jesus taught love and peace, Jewish Tribal God taught Moses to kill and rape women and children, kill war prisoners, getting reach on account of Gentiles and so on. It means that Father of Jesus and Jewish father are two different ones. One is Satan.

Any doubts?

Check Bible: Numbers (31:7, 14-18), Deuteronomy (20:13), (7:16) and Jesus Navin (15-16)

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