Masks off

The nature of the many of our people, I mean White people, unfortunately is far away from ideal. It is far away from charismatic heroes being portrayed in legends. It is the thing for us to work on, but now we have the material to work on that is difficult to change in a short-run. Many of people blindly follows the media mainstream, they adjusted to obey what is fashionable and what is favorable today. There are many trendy idiots that would forget their honor and their heritage just in order to look cool.  

Probably, it is the protection mechanism that Nature implemented for regulating the society. It would be impossible for us to move in a common direction if we have too many strong leaders. The problem today is that we got Jewish leaders - wrong ones. These leaders are hostile to our believes, to our culture, to our society and, obviously, they are hostile to us. The only god they worship is dollar. The only nation they are patriots of is their own. They have absolutely no moral standards or principles, they would trade all of us for their benefits. They disgust everybody who does not belong to their race and treat them as animals. And that's leaders we follow!  

They play with us, and we elect them. They  laugh on us and we elect them or their servants. Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Leonid Kuchma, they all serve the single power. Sometimes they have conflicts, like predators have conflicts while hunting one victim  

In order to make us get confused they may paint in different colors. They may play different roles. And the people believe one or another, depending on their tastes, but the result is almost always the same.  

Nowadays, we may observe in Russia the war between two Jewish gangs. One is called "family" - Abramovich, Boris Berezovsky, Nemtsov, Chubais, former president Boris Yeltsin, president Vladimir Putin, etc. Their interests differs slightly from the world's Jewish movement. From the other side they are different from the interests of Russians as well. "Family" just fight for the power and recognition, trying to enter an established clique. Their major opponent is Vladimir Gusinsky. He is a head of Jewish Forum of Russian Federation and official representative of the American Zionists.  

While the first group in order to gain more power trying at least to look like patriots, and, for instance, to defeat rebelling Chechnya, the second one launched major assault against Russians as they kill White Rhodesians in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) by the hands of niggerz, as they killed Serbs by NATO forces, as they destroy the White society in America by the migrating crowd of blacks and mestizos. They leave Whites no single chance to protect themselves, blaming them who resist in racism. They are also in favor of Chechen rebels. Of course they are happy that Russians die. But they would be much happier if deceased guerillas would have selling drugs, raping Slavic girls and producing new generations of bandits.  

The most shaming thing is that some of us help an enemy. Different nations have their own reasons to hate each other, like Irishmen and Englishmen, Spanish people and Basks. The history of relations between Russia and Ukraine is very cruel as well. But even UNSO - Ukrainian National Self Defense, that fight on Chechen side, should not forget that Chechens are allies just for a day, the next morning they would go to Ukraine and cut our throats as well. Also these Russians who supported Abhasia in their war against Georgia should not forget that nowadays it is fully on the side of their fellow Muslim rebels. This story teaches us that the enemy of our enemy is not necessary our ally, isn't it? Even if we see some potential in helping blacks it is too narrow and shortsighted view. In the long run it appears to be deadly mistake.  

However, it does not mean that Putin's rule would bring more benefits for our people. Never Jews will do something good for us. Never! Interracial integration is promoting and accelerating anyway, maybe not so fast yet, as in America. Moscow became a closet that accumulated all sub-human races from Turks to niggerz. Such multicultural society is much easier to rule, there won't be anybody to resist and all the people's power would go to useless aggression against each other,  instead of our major enemy - the Jews.       

The action is needed. We must take the masks off from the faces of our enemies and show the people who they really are. There is actually only minority of people who are able to lead the rest of lemmings, and we are responsible for improving the things. The history knows such examples. Up to certain extend it has happened in Serbia and Austria nowadays. Up to the full extend it has happened in Germany in thirties, you may like this example or you may not, but that's a history.  

What we need is to join and fight. What we need is to open the eyes of them who are not just the trendy idiots. What we need is to raise the nation's consciousness and to raise our own leaders that will lead our race to the glory and victory.



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