Protocols of Zion elders

Catechesis of Jew in the USSR (Tel-Aviv, 1958, instruction):

"Seek your attention on them who are indocile and refractory and do not want to recognize our superiority, do not want to work for us and resist our practice and politics... They should forget their national pride at all. Make them fools and compromise using all the ways. If they act alone, they will not be in a position to defend our collectivism. Even if they are right thousand times, they are guilty resisting us. Apply to the society and authorities, convict them and bring to the party committees, police or even to court"...

"Protocols of Zion Elders":

"Goys [all non Jews - translator] - they are a flock of sheep, we are wolfs for them. And you know, what is going on when wolfs reach the flock.

We are interested in... perishing of goys. Our power is in permanent lack of food, weakening of workers, that is the only way to make him a slave of our will; starvation allows the capital to rule the worker better then aristocracy ruled by the legal power of king.

The animal mind of goys is unable to analyze, and predict where leads correctly arisen question. Even senators and highest members of administration accept our advices".

"Gordeev Evgeny Kazimirovich, one of your rulers" (Moscow, Kremlin, Silver Yar, 7th January 1991):

We do not give a shit how many radical deputies it will be. The top will always be ours! You can take from us all buildings, privileges, cars, etc, but never the power! We do not give a shit to the mind of the nation, it is an empty sound for us. Because we create this mind ourselves... We can easily create starvation, sabotage, crimes, devastation, illnesses. You will always give the power to us by yourselves.

All your dreams and effort turn around the food and the goods only. There is no limit to your envy, foulness and stupidness. We always put such people onto the highest positions. They are our shield and protection. All your energy is destroyed by this concrete monolith. We excluded young from the politics by throwing them the bone of rock and porno...

I am 82, and I fell myself calm and satisfied. We are going to leave the trustful successors of our business..." ("Free word, #8, 1991)

Obviously, "mister" president of "Pan-Ukrainian Jewish Congress" Vadim Rabinovich as well as Gusinsky in Russia are these "trustful successors" of our former ruler - Gordeev Evgeny Kazimirovich (there is an opinion that it was a pseudonym of Lazar Moiseevich Kaganovich).

So read, think - "stupid", "fools" - and get rid of "concrete monolith" in your mind and make a correct conclusions about Jewish "rock" and "porno".

One of the unsubdued by the "ruler Gordeev Evgeny Kazimirovich"



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