Elections and "Freedom of the choice".

The next week Russia got presidential elections. In America this race started as well. However, what we can see that the "democratic choice" means often no choice at all. Who has any doubts now that acting President Vladimir Putin will became a full one? Does anybody really see any candidate who will change an existing status quo in Russian economy and politics?

Of course there are many people who make the same mistake every elections. They eat the same staff every time. Now media drafted an image of "strong hand" Putin that eventually gonna make an order, defeat evil Chechens and mafia. How easy is to take a look on what he has really done! He was a KGB agent fired because he was close to the betrayal of Motherland. Then Jews (being more precise Berezovsky and Abramovich) have grown him as a good descendant of Yeltsin who undoubtfully turn situation to better but only for them. Berezovsky, Yeltsin, general Lebed', Tatiana D'yachenko, Putin are all from the same gang. Furthermore let me to remind you the phrase by Plato, I guess, that "When somebody wanna destroy a country he establishes freedom, in case of success, the last one is destroyed as well." So Russians can prepare to worth.

Even if communist Zuganov (recent parliament elections proved that he plays 100% along with existing government" or Jew Yavlinsky or anybody else won the results would be the same. They all are from the same gang, they all are approved by hidden ZOG - Zionist Occupation Government that exists in most of White countries.

Take a look on Ukraine. Again no choice. Corrupted Leonid Kuchma, communist or Jewess Vetrenko? Take a look at America. Jew Albert Gore? Bush that came from the same clique? Or somebody from Clinton Democratic crew that overflowed the country with mestizos? Again we have choice, the choice of politicians approved by ZOG. Everyone who is not approved is immediately withdrawn from election race without any explanations like it happens with RNE block called "Spas" this winter in Russia. Or prohibited like UNSO in Ukraine. Or attacked by media like Heider in Austria. Or attacked by bombs like Milosevic in Serbia.

The reason are Jews. They are for democracy until it fits their purposes. They are communists until it fits their purposes. They are "strong hand" or "human rights activists" until it fits their purposes. But in fact they are Zionists and serve only their holy aim of ruling the world, of sucking our blood. Even these ones who do not participate in Jewish organizations play along with ZOG unconsciously by acting on the job places, media, streets, everywhere.

Our answer could be only to fight to the bitter end. Fight everywhere we can. We should act each day keeping in mind this war. Never help Jews, better make a harm. Always help Whites instead of other races. Remember old German slogan of 30es "Deutsche - nicht kauft bei Juden!" - German - don't buy from Jews.

Der Sieg wird unser sein! The victory will be ours.



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