Protocols of Zion Elder's 1998

The President of the leading Jewish organization in US - Anti Defamation League (that has very close relationships with the major Jewish crime figures) - Aby Foxman on his speech in 1998 said the things that I would rather to introduce you today. Unfortunately, I have no original text, so this one is a translation from Russian back to English.

"Gentlemen! I am greeting you on the second meeting of Zion Elders learners. We have reached all the goals that were planned on our first meeting 100 years ago. We rule the governments. We created disagreements among our enemies and made them fighting each other.

We made our critics really silent and we are the most prosperous human race.

I am talking about demising of the White race. We will completely destroy all reproduction resources of so-called Aryan Race. It is the time to ensure that the White race is declining through interracial breeding and the birth rate close to zero.

We all enjoyed the vision of the images, repeated many times, from all of the world - the last White children being playing with the dark ones, and we know that it is the way of complete destruction for Whites. We are in a position to break a pure line of Aryan blood and to enforce egalitarian thinking as well as producing of mixed children.

There are also more aggressive programs. We should pay any price for their goal - eliminating of White children. We want that any White father feels uncomfortable with the White kids and produces mixed ones.

We should use our power to blackmail White men and women that want to preserve their racial purity. They will be outlawed in the new society.

In order to prevent goys [as they call all non-Jews] from uniting we must assassinate them and set into prisons.

We will be sure in the end of White Race only when weakened minds of White kids make them agents of self-destruction. We succeed in our effort of creating such "people". These men are not free any more. People [Jews], you and your ancestors worked hardly to ensure that we have the power to keep the destiny of White Race in our hands. Now we've got it.

Die, you, Aryan goys!"

Aryans! Forget about trying to save America or even European civilization as we know it. We've lost those things. The Jews and their allies have effectively destroyed them. What we're trying to save is our race, our genes. Our aim is to ensure that out of the coming chaos and destruction it is our children which survive and emerge triumphant, not theirs, and that whatever remnant of our people is left to begin building anew is guided by a healthy and progressive ideology, not by the weak and sickly ideologies of the past!



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