The number of invaded by Black terrorists White farms already reached more than 1200. Robert Mugambe (president, former chief terrorist) prepares a law to legalize the land confiscation from the Whites.

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of April 29, 2000

To Be, or Not to Be

by Dr. William Pierce

In addition to the invasion of White farms by armed Black gangs and the murder of White farmers, the Black supporters of dictator Robert Mugabe have turned to a new terror tactic against Whites: the gang rape of White women.

Eleven days ago, on April 18, a Black gang burst into the home of a White family just outside Salisbury, now called "Harare." They seized 28-year-old Brendan Jowett and repeatedly smashed him in the head and face with a brick, until he lost consciousness. They dragged his 25-year-old wife Tonia into a bedroom and gang-raped her. Then they found Tonia's 18-year-old sister, Laura Wiggins, hiding in a cupboard.

They dragged her out and raped her repeatedly.

Then the Blacks poured furniture polish, which they believed was fuel oil, over their victims and attempted to set them afire, first with matches and then with a burning log from the fireplace, but the furniture polish would not burn. Finally the Blacks stole everything they could carry away and fled. On the same day another White farmer and his wife had gasoline poured on them, but when the Blacks were ready to burn their victims they discovered that they had forgotten to bring matches. The farmer and his wife got away with a brutal beating and the wrecking and looting of their home. White Rhodesians should at least be thankful for the ineptitude of the Blacks.

In the face of the overwhelming numerical advantage held by the Blacks, Black ineptitude is not enough to save the Whites of Rhodesia from their enemies, unfortunately. As I reported last Saturday, on Tuesday of last week, a Black mob murdered Martin Olds on his farm near Bulawayo, Rhodesia's second-largest city. The 43-year-old White farmer knew that Black mobs were operating in his area, and he had sent his wife Kathy and his two children, 17-year-old Martine and 14-year-old Angus, to stay with friends in the city. Olds was a former member of the Grey Scouts, Rhodesia's elite anti-terrorist unit, before his country surrendered itself to Black rule in 1979. His neighbors considered him completely fearless. Ten years ago, when a friend had been seized by a crocodile, Olds had leaped from his boat and wrestled the crocodile in order to free his friend.

Olds was alone on his 12,000-acre cattle farm when a mob of 70 armed Blacks attacked his farmhouse early Tuesday morning. He telephoned the police station, which was less than ten minutes away, but the Black police didn't show up until five hours later, after he was dead and the attackers were gone. Olds defended himself with a shotgun and a hunting rifle, and he wounded several of his attackers. He himself was hit by several bullets, and the bone in one leg was shattered. He bandaged and splinted his leg and continued defending himself until he lost consciousness. Then the Blacks swarmed over him and beat him to death with clubs.

As the news of the gang rapes and of the murder of Martin Olds spread, many White farm families abandoned their homes and fled to the cities. Black gangs then were free to wreck and loot their homes without any resistance. One thing the Black gangs always do is kill any pets the Whites leave behind when they flee.

Two days after the Olds murder, on Thursday of last week, an Associated Press TV News camera crew happened to be present when a mob of 200 Blacks rampaged through a White farm near the town of Arcturus, 35 miles northeast of Salisbury. The farm belongs to Alan Windram, but Windram and his family already had fled. The Blacks found Windram's six dogs and beat and stoned them to death while the Associated Press crew filmed the incident. The Blacks were hooting, jumping around, and gesticulating in their typical manner while they killed the dogs, obviously enjoying themselves immensely. Then the Blacks wrecked Windram's farmhouse and burned the homes of at least 30 of his workers. All of this was recorded by the Associated Press camera crew, but believe me, it'll be a cold day in hell before you see any of it on network television in America. It makes Blacks look bad. It might make some animal lovers like Blacks less.

Coincidentally, at the same time Martin Olds was being murdered on April 18, squads of Black police were raiding other White farms in the same area and seizing firearms from White farmers, leaving them defenseless. And also on that day, which happened to be the anniversary of the surrender of White Rhodesia to the Blacks, Britain's Queen Elizabeth sent a message of congratulation and goodwill to Robert Mugabe. And the Queen expressed not a word of concern or disapproval about Mugabe's genocidal policy toward Rhodesia's White farmers. The British government, of course, has been on the wrong side of the Black campaign against Whites in Africa ever since being on the wrong side of the Second World War.

Oh, yes: the British government did make one additional statement about Rhodesia on April 18. Tony Blair's Foreign Office announced that no special considerations would be given to White Rhodesians seeking asylum in Britain from the ethnic cleansing now going on in Rhodesia, or "Zimbabwe," as Blair and company prefer to call it. They will not be permitted into Britain unless they can prove that they will be able to support themselves. As I mentioned last week, Tony Blair is not eager to have an influx of White immigrants who almost certainly will not vote for his party. Black Rhodesians, yes; White Rhodesians, no.


During a peaceful march in Harare on the first of this month by 3,000 members of an opposition group, including 200 Whites, Mugabe supporters armed with clubs and machetes attacked the marchers while Black police watched without interfering. The attackers singled out the Whites in the procession. I'll read you a few lines from an eyewitness report. I quote:

"As the police stepped hastily aside, they charged. Demonstrators fled in panic as stones were hurled toward them. Crouching in a doorway, I saw an ordinary shopping street overrun by anarchy. Thugs raced along pavements beating bystanders to the ground and snatching handbags. . . .
Shops hastily barricaded entrances, leaving desperate people trapped in the street. A white man in his fifties was hit by stones and fell to the ground. His companion, a white woman in her forties, was toppled beside him. Seconds later three youths attacked them with clubs, and blood spattered across the pavement where they lay."

In front of me I have dozens of other eyewitness reports of beatings, slashings, and stabbings of Whites who participated in this peaceful protest against the Mugabe government two weeks ago. I doubt that you read any of these reports in the New York Times or the Washington Post. They really don't like to report such news.



Количество захваченных чёрными террористами белых ферм превысило 1200. Роберт Мугамбе (президент и бывший глава террористов) готовит закон о конфискации земель у белых.

О том ужасе и крови, который испытывают сейчас белые, об изнасилованиях, убийствах и сожжениях, пожалуйста читайте в английской версии страницы.

Мне просто больно это всё переводить.


Наше же ТВ больше внимания уделяет судьбе Гонсалеса или семейной жизни Пугачёвой, чем тому, что действительно важно для БЕЛЫХ.