Jewish crimes

This list is endless...



NOW: the slave trade is protected by law in Israel. The commerce in White sex slaves is booming, and the Jewish control of this commerce is more open than ever. The Jews still haven't outlawed the White slave trade in
Israel, but they're only debating the matter in the Knesset, in the Israeli legislature, now. The fact of the matter is that there's so much money being made by the Jews in kidnapping young Gentile girls from Ukraine and Russia and Poland and forcing them to become sex slaves in Israel that they are reluctant to put any crimp in their business. And the White slave trade has a very long history among the Jews, going back more than 2,000 years. So at the moment it's still legal in Israel to buy and sell slaves -- as long as they're not Jews .

90-es. Ehud Barak, the prime-minister of Israel, appeared to be bloodthirsty killer. During the 70-es he headed an assassination squad of Mossad, where he killed many political opponents of Israel, sometimes including their wives and kids. In the year of 1972 Barak and two other members of his squad quietly picked the lock and let themselves into the house of Palestinian writer Kamal Edwan and his family in the Beirut suburb of Verdun at one o'clock in the morning. Using silenced submachine guns they slaughtered Edwan, his wife, and his daughter while they slept in their beds. Other members of Barak's murder squad killed the other two victims and their families. This fact you can check in the public libraries.

60-es. During the 7-day War, Israeli fighters attacked and sank USS "Liberty" in attempt to blame Arabs and involve US into the conflict. They also prevented others US ships from withdrawing dying crew in order to hide an incident.


III c. 200 000 of Greek Cypriots were slaughtered.


B.C. We all celebrate 8-th of March. Jews celebrate it as well. It is an "Esfiry Day" for them when they sloughed 70 000 of White Persians including their wives and children.



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