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File created on Mon Aug 27 21:19:18 2001

comment               Our biggest problem these days are not just with the Jews, but who the Jews have always recruited, the niggers. They have put into our white people that the new hip-hop attitude is what we want to hear. And our people have succum to this filth. We do need to get rid of the main problem first (JEWS), but in return we need to let this filthy race know that we cannot be fooled. And I think that there is only a small group not brainwashed buy this trash. To get rid of anything that stands i n front of our purity no matter what the cost.

name                 Scott
email                [email protected]
country            USA

File created on Fri Aug 31 07:54:51 2001

c omment            Jewish genocide is not such extremely evil thing that Jews try to persuade us. In fact, it is a good thing even from the humanistic point of view. This is the only way to preserve the lives of the future generations and avenge the death of millions of the Russians as well as people of other nations that also suffered from the hands of Jews. No doubts, this topic needs in-depth analysis and we should not make quick decisions, however, let me repeat this, we have to destroy, eliminate and wipe out the Jews.


name                 Dr. Goebbels
email                [email protected]
country             Russia

File created on Wed Sep  5 22:34:41 2001

comment               Your site kicks ass! Secure the white race! Damn straight I'm white, and I'm proud of it unlike some morons I know of.
name                April
email                 [email protected]
country             Kamloops Canada

File created on Tue Sep 18 09:44:24 2001

comment          Surtout continuez le combat car seul l'union fait la force .... ensemble nous vaincrons
name                 Nico
email                [email protected]

country             belgium

File created on Fri Oct 12 21:51:27 2001

comment         I respect your viewpoint. History will probably prove you right............


File created on Tue Apr 25 05:39:53 2001

comment This sites are wonderful, I love it!!!! Good job Aryan Brothers! Heil to you! Sieg Heil and 88/14!
name Aryan skinhead
email [email protected]  
country Finland

File created on Tue Apr 10 00:22:45 2001

comment I completely agree with you. Jews are the people that intrude in one's country, catch the throat of its nation and then punch their own ass screaming loudly how they are suffered. 
Smash the Jews and communists!!!
Long live NSDAP!!!  

name Stas
email [email protected] 
country Russia

Hopefully, you all know what NSDAP is - mailing list owner's comment


File created on Sun Mar 25 05:41:04 2001

comment Good job brothers! Sites are very good! Sieg Heil Brothers!   88/14
name Natalija
email [email protected] 

File created on Sun Mar 18 13:12:42 2001

comment Cool site. Russia- for Russians!
name KIrill
email [email protected] 
country Russia

Tuesday, March 13 07:33:01 2001 (This comment is mostly correspond to Russians)


This mater was recently covered by mass-media, but let me to remind it for them who has not read it yet. 
You all must have heart that State Duma (Russian Parliament) voted for the laws that allow importing and recycling the trash produced by nuclear plants. Despite Jewish mass-media covered this topic very briefly, I expected some public reaction (not passive), but what I see? Nothing. But maybe mass-media lacking the time to show this  or find more important topics to show - for instance how evil Palestinians pursue poor and peaceful Jews?

Some of my friends ( young ones from my university) even did not know that the government allowed this, therefore the population is not informed about it in a proper way. But...

No doubts that the funds acquired by Financial-Political Group of Abramovich-Deripaska-Chernyi (all Jews - translator's comment) etc. due to working on the nuclear trash  program will strengthen its position even more and make it's power in the country almost unlimited. No wonder that finansist Smolensky that is very close to the Group went into the business of sea cargo transportation. There are rumors that he is going to monopolize the delivery of nuclear trash. Furthermore, the electing of Abramovich as Chukotka's governor may be a good idea to make this region as nuclear graveyard. And these laws passed through Duma due to the pressure of the President's Administration and the Ministry of Nuclear Power. In connection with this it is necessary to note the joining of Konversbank (that used to serve the Nuclear industry) to MDM-bank, controlled by Abramovich.

Now you can make a conclusion who are interested in making the Great Russia-Motherland to the Nuclear Graveyard.
... then these bustards will flee to the Holy Land, and leave Russians to die in uranus - plutonium garbage pit. 

name                Ratibor
email                [email protected]

 Tuesday March 13 07:39:18 2001


Russian order for Russia!
Ukraine without Kuchma! (Present Ukrainian President - translator's comment) 
Serbia for Serbs!
The grave for Zionists!

name               Ratibor
email               [email protected]
country            Russia

File created on Sun Jan 28 11:11:55 2001

comment          I used to think before that Jews are poor and suffered nation and all others hate them for "something". I did not try to find out what is this "something". However, when I was 16 I came to the class where there were 10 of this motherfuckers. And then I realized what it is!!! Once, I had a conversation with the Jew, without knowing who he actually is. I spoke that the Jews have stolen everything in our country and, thus  should be hanged. And this animal agreed with me in every point. Several days later I realized that he is Jew... When I came to shake his hand (I thought that he was an exception and considered as Motherland not shitty Israel where he never was but the country he was born and grew up) he denied his previous words...[exactly as in "Mein Kampf" - webmaster's comment ] And then he told that Russians are so easy to cheat and Jews always f*** them... I simply hit him, so, that he got lost.
Thank you that you make such site and serves your Motherland.

Genocide the Jews!  

name                Fagot
email                [email protected]
country            Ukraine

File created on Sat Jan 13 18:06:19 2001

comment              I agree with most of your view on this site. However, I believe Zionist Jews' agenda is not only the threat to the white, it is the biggest threat to all civilized countries and all mankind today. Let me put this way: Zionism is the enemy of the world.  We need a universal anti-Zionism movement.  I am convinced if International Zionism get its way, it will be the end of the world!!!

name                Gentile girl
email                [email protected]
country             USA

File created on Wed Dec  6 21:32:14 2000

name                Kader Rahman
email                 [email protected]
country              USA

im not a jew. im actually an arab.i have read your opinion and it was nothing new to my knowledge. i think of zionism as another word for racism. jews hate everybody but jews. their religion actually says its ok to kill a non jew (a gentile). even if a woman gentile is raped by a jew she must be executed because she made the jew sin. what really pisses me off though is white people. how the hell can americans and other white people stand by and watch their country being controlled by jews. jews control the economy. jews control the media. they control the way that the american people think. they make white people feel sorry for them because of what happened in the holocaust. high schools all over the usa actually show movies of the so-called holocaust in order to make people think that jews are victims. why the fuck is there more then one thousand jews in the white house. madeline albright, james rubin, michael cohen, lieberman, the list goes on and on. the jews think they can fool everybody.

im not white. i dont believe in racism but i do believe that the whole world must work together to overcome the jews. as you probably know, the jews are very powerful. they control many countries. even the arab leaders are betraying their own people to help out the jews. what i wish is that one day america wakes up and finds out that the U.S. government is really a jewish government. that is what hitler found out about germany. please continue to educate people about jews and their hatred to all mankind. mabey one day the whites will actually rebell and win back their country. please write me soon and tell me what you think.


Let me reply right now. I am nationalist. I cannot see how Russians die out at the rate of 1,5 mil per year. However, I do believe that every nation is unique in its language, its culture and in its set of believes. The world would be dark and gray without all this diversity. Many Jews, the servants of Dark Forces, or Satan, if you want, attempt to destroy all of this. They launched project called "melting pot" in order to mix all of us into so-called faceless "six's race". We oppose this plans. And that is the reason why we say - you all, go home. You have your own land, we don't pretend to conquer it. But holy Russian land is OURS! No Jewish criminals are allowed to suck our blood and no niggerz are allowed to spoil our girls! If you share the same believes toward Arabic land, we are on the one side.

File created on Dec 6, 2000 17:04:15 :

website  (ñàéò íàêðûëñÿ)
email [email protected] [email protected]

Greeting you!!!
Accidentally, I browsed to your site and found it interesting. However, there were no link on it at Alliance.
Our new site UKRWHITEPOWER struggle against communists, niggerz and Jews. I will appreciate if you place a link on my site on your one. Please send me your answer to both addresses [email protected] [email protected] and banner itself
Our site is in stage of development but it works.
Respectfully yours, Webmasters : Ariec & Lambert DJ

Fri Sep  1 09:38:08 2000

comment               This is a good trend that we have more and more sites of a similar thematic. We have to join not only virtually but also according to the territory.

name                 Oleg
email                 [email protected]
page         (link is broken)
country             Russia



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