Kosovo war

Date of publishing: Mart 1999

Current crisis in Kosovo, Serbia has shown us to what extend came USA in their policy to crush the countries that do not obey "New World Order" in Clinton - Jewish variant.

I wrote Jewish not by mistake, but because Clinton administration (as well as Clinton itself and his state secretary Madeline Albright are Jews) have an extremely high percentage of blood of this middle-east tribe

Belgrade bombardment by NATO

50% of Americans, who support bombing, demonstrate perfect work of propaganda department probably even more perfect than Hebbels' one during WWII. People are brainwashed by Jewish media and support all illegal actions like bombing innocent Serbia, Iraq or Afghanistan citizens and other acts of world terrorism by US government that serves only one purpose - Jewish (I do not mean Israel state only) power above the whole world.

Ukrainian government is mostly silent. Russian one screams a lot, however I will believe in their patriotic feelings, I will believe that they do not create a comedy only when real effect will take place. Unfortunately nowadays the best help provided for Serbia are UNSO or Russian Kazaks' troops willing to go here.

Do not forget, we might be next against whom NATO will send its bombers! Period.

Shoot Bill Clinton



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