Jewish bandits who destroyed Serbia

JEWS who have destroyed Serbia:

Madeleine Albright (State Secretary), James Rubin, Sandy Berger ,William Cohen, Richard Holbrook (Minister of Defense), General Kann Wesley Clark (NATO commander in Europe), Bill Clinton (president)

... and I quote: "The organized Jewish community has . . . declared unwavering support for U.S. intervention in Kosovo."  -- end quote --

Following information was taken from American Dissident Voices broadcasts March-June '99


The New World Order gang, Jews and Gentiles alike, hate the Serbs for two reasons, and neither reason is that the Serbs treat the Albanians in Kosovo province roughly. The Clintonistas hate the Serbs because, first, the Serbs want a Serbian nation of their own again. The Serbs don't believe in multiculturalism and power-sharing and all of the other liberal-feminist-Jewish claptrap so beloved by the New World Order enthusiasts. And the Clintonistas are afraid that if the Serbs can have Serb country, then other ethnic groups elsewhere also may want to opt out of the grand multicultural design.

The second reason the New World Order types hate the Serbs is that the Serbs are refusing to obey orders, refusing to recognize the supremacy of the New World Order. The Serbs believe that they can manage their own affairs, without any help from the New World Order or NATO or the United Nations or Madeleine Albright. They don't want to become a batch of happy serfs on the global plantation, holding hands and singing "We Are the World" along with everyone else. They just want to be left alone. And to the Clintonistas that is intolerable.

And I should point out here that these two reasons for hating the Serbs ultimately boil down to one reason. The aim of the New World Order gangs domination. It is total control. To some of the Gentiles in the gang this aim may be all tied up with the ideology of egalitarianism and multiculturalism and making fighter pilots out of women, but for the Jews it is simply domination. They want to run the world, and they will attempt to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

And we really must focus on this one fact -- that this is a Jewish want to strengthen the grip of the New World Order -- because the Jews are throwing up a lot of smoke to confuse people who might not be ready to get on their New World Order bandwagon yet.





The idea of a world owned and dominated by Jews has been the cornerstone of the Jews' religion since Old Testament days. I've quoted from the book of their so- called "prophet" Isaiah before in this regard, but it's worth at least paraphrasing again now. Isaiah, supposedly speaking for the Jews' tribal god Yahweh, tells his fellow Jews that at some time in the future all the wealth of the Gentiles will be delivered to the Jews, and all of the Gentiles will become the Jews' servants, and any nation which refuses to handover all its wealth to the Jews and become their servants will be destroyed. Every religious Jew for the past 2,700 years has read this and considered it holy writ. And, of course, this prophecy of Isaiah fits right in with the Jews' even older claim, as set down in the books of their number-one prophet, Moses, to be divinely "chosen" to rule the world, to be a "holy people" above all the other peoples of the earth.

Now, that, of course, is the Bible, which is pretty old and primitive stuff. You may believe that it's simply not relevant today and that it proves nothing. But it is relevant to understanding the thinking and the motivations of the Jews. The Jews would have us believe they're simply a religious group, like the Methodists, say, who go to their own church but are otherwise pretty much like everyone else: a little smarter, perhaps, a little more moral and trustworthy, a little more admirable, a little more picked on and persecuted than anyone else -- but just normal people, no more conspiratorial or greedy or lusting after power than any other group. That's the way they portray themselves to us in the media they control. But they themselves certainly don't believe that they're pretty much like everyone else. They believe that they are special, that they are "chosen," and whether they are religious or not -- religious or not-- Isaiah's 2,700-year-old prophecy is one of the things which hold them together, one of the things which define their identity. They're all familiar with it, and in one sense or another they believe it.

That's why it's relevant to the problems our own people are facing today. That's why every one of my listeners who is really concerned about what's happening in the world today, who is really concerned about what the New World Order gang is up to, and who wants to understand the Jews' role in the gang must read what's in the Jews' Bible. Really: read at least the five books osmoses and the book of Isaiah. That's only 300 or so pages. Reedit. Think about it. It is important. It will help you understand. And remember, it applies to non-religious Jews, it applies to the Jewish media bosses and the Clinton cabinet members and the White-slave traders in Israel and the billionaire Jewish gangsters around Boris Yeltsin just as much as it does to the funny-looking religious Jews you see in New York wearing long sideburns and black suits and yarmulkes. It applies to everyone who considers himself a member of the "chosen" people.


You know, the biggest problem our people have with understanding these things is not lack of intelligence, and it's not that the information is hard to find. The problem is that our people are too credulous, too easily deceived. And deception is what the Jews are really good at. In the Soviet Union they set up the bloodiest, the most murderous apparatus of repression the world has ever seen, based on the scheme of the Jew Karl Marx, with Jewish commissars like Lazar Kaganovich murdering millions of Ukrainians and Russians, and now they have us feeling sorry for them because the Russians and Ukrainians don't like them. Well, perhaps the crimes of the communists in the Soviet Union seem too far in the past to be real, but the blood we shed in Serbia in order to advance another Jewish scheme... that blood is still fresh. They have made murderers of us the way they made murderers of the Russians. It's time for us to smell the blood and stop being fooled by their lies.



We have a government which commits mass murder at home without so much as an apology, as when the Clinton administration slaughtered nearly 100 members of the Branch Davidian Church in Waco in1993 because they refused to surrender, and which bombs hospitals and schools in Serbia without apology today because the Serbs also refused to surrender.


The people who are trying so desperately to destroy Serbia now are pretty weird bunch. The latest tactic they've come up with is to have computer hackers and cryptography experts in the "dirty tricks" division of our Central Intelligence Agency break into the computers of various banks around the world where Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is rumored to have his personal bank accounts, so that they can steal his money from him. It makes me think that the word "Intelligence" needs to be removed from the name of the agency.


Do you know what terrorism is? Jadranka Djordjevic, a 64-year-old Serb woman who lives in Belgrade, does. She worked in the U.S. Embassy there for 30 years. She's dodging missiles and bombs now and worrying about how to stay alive. When a newspaper reporter told her recently that Hillary Clinton had said that the flight of the Albanian refugees from Kosovo reminded her of "Holocaust" scenes in the Steven Spielberg film Schindler's List, Ms. Djordjevic replied, "People who learn history from Spielberg movies should not tell us how to live our lives." When told that one of the aims of the NATO bombing is to demoralize the Serbs and make them rise against the government of Slobodan Milosevic, she noted that that exactly fits the internationally recognized definition of terrorism: violence against a civilian population intended to destabilize a government. She said that the people responsible for the terror-bombing campaign against Serbia should be put on trial by the International Court of Justice. "You cannot terrorize civilians in this way," she said. "We are talking about millions of people who are deprived of basic necessities.

"Well, Jadranka Djordjevic, you are wrong. You can terrorize millions of people, if Jewish organization B'nai B'rith and all of the other New World Order boosters are behind you.

 and I quote: "The organized Jewish community has . . . declared unwavering support for U.S. intervention in Kosovo."  -- end quote --




President Milosevic is an immoral man, Clinton says, because he won't agree to the Whitehouse's resident warmonger, Madeleine Albright, sending 28,000 NATO soldiers into Yugoslavia to run things there. President Milosevic believes that he is capable of running his own country without the help of a foreign occupying army.


But really, it's not the conflict between Serbs and Albanians that should be our principal concern here. What we should be concerned with this America's policy of killing people who refuse to obey the New World Order gang. We should not let our armed forces be used as a private death squad by Madeleine Albright. We should be concerned about the Clinton government's policy of ignoring the sovereignty of other countries and calling in missile strikes whenever we don't like the way they're conducting their internal affairs. And the disagreement between Albanians and Serbs in Yugoslavia's Kosovo province is strictly an internal affair in the sovereign country of Yugoslavia.

When we attacked Yugoslavia last week we were committing raw, naked aggression against a sovereign country. Running around the world doing that sort of thing is not conducive to stability or to world peace, regardless of Mr. Clinton's attempts to justify it. America is clearly in the wrong in the present war against Yugoslavia. And we also should be concerned about our government's policy of hypocrisy and lying.

We should not pretend to have principles when we don't. As much as some mush-brained liberals would like to believe that we're operating in accord with some sort of higher morality, where we go charging in to punish any government which mistreats some minority inside its country, it's clear that that's not the case. I've already mentioned the Jews' mistreatment of the Palestinians in Israel, but I also could mention a number of other countries. Turkey, for example, is a lot rougher on the Kurdish minority in Turkey than the Serbs are on the Albanians in Kosovo. Turkish persecution of the Kurds is going on now, and it has been going on for decades, but we've never seen the need to drop smart bombs on Istanbul and demand that the Turks let us send in troops to run their country for them.

Let's go back and look again at some of the issues involved here. This business of labeling as "aggression" the internal policies of other countries that our government doesn't like and then using that as an excuse to wage undeclared war against the other country really ought to be troubling to every patriotic American, regardless of his religion or his politics. The example I gave a minute ago of the Mexicans in Texas or California outnumbering the White people a few years hence and declaring that henceforth the state in question will be a part of Mexico-- or "Aztlan," as they call it -- is not really very far fetched. Mexican organizations in the United States already are making plans to do exactly that. Will we approve of the U.S. government putting down such an attempt to secede, or will we condemn any effort to preserve the Union as "aggression"?


Probably the most important public figure to declare for the New World Order is Britain's Tony Blair, the tag-along, wannabee Clintonista that British patriots sneeringly refer to as "Bambi." In an essay in the April 19 issue of Newsweek magazine Blair declares, and I quote: "This is a conflict we are fighting not for territory but for values, for anew internationalism where the brutal repression of whole ethnic groups will no longer be tolerated, for a world where those responsible for such crimes have nowhere to hide." -- end of quote --

That's interesting.

The key words here are: "We are not fighting for territory"-- and he might also have added, "We are not fighting to defend ourselves or our national interests" -- "but we are fighting for a new internationalism," Blair said. And of course, "a new internationalism" is simply his way of saying "a New World Order." And that really is a radical departure from the past, when America and Britain went to war to defend what they considered their national interests, not to impose "a new internationalism" on some other country which just wanted to be left alone. It's good for America's soldiers to understand that the reason they're deliberately bombing civilian targets in Belgrade, shooting up passenger trains, and so on -- and occasionally even risking their own lives -- is to impose "a new internationalism" on the Serbs. To people like Estrich and Blair and Clinton, having armed forces for the purpose of national defense is old fashioned, an outmoded, 20th-century concept. The really trendy thing now -- the 21st-century thing -- is to use your armed forces to impose the will of the New World Order on countries too small to hit back.

"Bambi" also said in the April 19 Newsweek that the Serb policy of ethnic cleansing must not only be stopped but also "reversed." Which really ties in with the insistence of the whole New World Order crowd that no ethnically clean countries will be tolerated in the 21stcentury. Only "multicultural" countries will be permitted.


It is murder whether the people being killed are soldiers or civilians. It is murder even if the bomb accidentally missed the target and hit something else instead. When anyone is killed, accidentally or not, during the commission of a felony, it is murder. You don't get off by saying, "Judge, I didn't mean to kill the man. I intended just to part his hair and scare him so that he would handover his wallet, but my aim was bad and the bullet accidentally hit him between the eyes." That excuse doesn't work when you accidentally kill one man on the street trying to persuade him to give up his wallet, and it doesn't work when you accidentally kill a couple of thousand civilians trying to persuade a nation to surrender its territory to you.


So they told the government of Yugoslavia that it couldn't putdown the Albanian rebellion in Kosovo. It told the Serbs that they could not suppress the KLA terrorists and rearrange the demographics of their Kosovo province to suit themselves. It wouldn't be permitted. The Serbs, of course, told them to go to hell, to mind their own business. And so the New World Order gang began killing Serbs with bombs and missiles. The liberals have begun their grand program to eliminate national sovereignty everywhere and make everyone subject to the New World Order. They've come out of the closet.



I'll give you an example of just how tricky they can be, just how brazenly they can lie. Everyone has heard -- over and over and over again -- how the poor, innocent, defenseless Jews were plundered during the Second World War: how their bank accounts and their insurance policies and their art treasures were stolen from them by the wicked Swiss and the wicked Germans and the wicked French and so on. And they've been mounting a huge extortion campaign to force Switzerland and Germany and France and the United States and everyone else to give them reparations, to compensate them for their lost bank accounts, to give them back their stolen art works, and so on.

One of these poor, innocent, dispossessed Jews, forced to flee from Czechoslovakia in 1939 when the Germans took over, is the chief warmonger in the Clinton government, Madeleine Albright. We all have read sympathetic accounts in the controlled media of how her family was forced to flee from Prague when she was a child because they were Jews. And she has been at the forefront of those demanding reparations for the Jews. She is always ready to use the power of her office as secretary of state to pressure the Swiss government or a bank in France or an insurance company in Italy to cough up whatever the Jews are demanding in reparations.

Madeleine Albright also is the most bloodthirsty and aggressive Jew on the Jewish team running America's foreign policy and military forces. She is the vicious Jewess who has publicly justified the deaths of more than half a million Iraqi children caused by the Clinton government's bombing and embargo against Iraq. Before the bombing of Yugoslavia started last month she was frothing at the mouth in her eagerness to begin killing Serbs because they would not obey orders. She says that she is doing it for humanitarian reasons and to halt Serb aggression against Kosovo: aggression against one of their own provinces. And as for humanitarianism, this Jewess hasn't a humanitarian bone in her body. She cares no more for Albanians than she does for Iraqis. But she does like to start wars. She is the one who, more than anyone else in the Clinton government, has been itching to send ground troops into Serbia to kill Serbs more effectively than the cruise missiles can.

Now let me tell you about this great humanitarian and victim of the Nazis, this great Jewish heroine demanding reparations for her fellow Jews. Her family fled from Prague in 1939, but they came back in 1945,when she was eight years old. They took over the home in Prague of a German family who had been forced to flee from the Reds at the end of the war. Madeleine Albright's family moved into the home at 11 Hradsanke Street in Prague of Karl Nebrich, a wealthy German industrialist. The Nebrich family had been obliged to leave behind all of their works of art, expensive furniture, and other wealth. Albright's family simply appropriated it, and when they later left Czechoslovakia for greener pastures, they took all of the Nebrich family's belongings with them. They took the antique furniture; they took the linens and the tapestries and the chandeliers; they took the silverware; they took the paintings off the walls, including a Tintoretto and other priceless works by Old Masters -- millions of dollars worth of the Nebrich family's personal property altogether. A daughter of Karl Nebrich, Doris Renner, complained to the Sunday Times in London last month that Albright's family stole "even the nails from the wall."

It took the descendants of Karl Nebrich half a century to track down the thieves and begin seeking the return of their property. Finally, in1996, they discovered that the American secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, had their family's stolen property. Nebrich's heirs have been trying to get it back ever since, but Albright has been stonewalling them. In February 1997 Philip Harmer, Karl Nebrich's great grandson, sent Albright a list of his family's stolen paintings and asked for their return. In a letter to Albright, Harmer wrote, and I quote: "You lived in our flat as an eight-year-old child, and I am sure you will remember some of the paintings on the attached list." Albright had a State Department lawyer brush him off and tell him to seek restitution from the Czech government. Harmer told the Sunday Times last month: "Cannot believe the American secretary of state enjoys eating with my family's silver. These things must be handed over to my family."



Anyway, it's pretty much out in the open now how the New World Order gang intend to get control of things: they wreck a country with bombs and missiles -- or they simply steal its wealth without using bombs and missiles; then when the country's people are sufficiently miserable and desperate, they hold out the offer of money for rebuilding if the people will elect the leaders chosen by the gangsters. That's what they call democracy: the will of the people -- the will of the Chosen People, that is. And of course, it's our money, our hard-earned tax money, that's used for the bribes to subvert the democratic process in other people's countries.

In Russia they used communism and corruption-- stealing -- to bankrupt the country, and then when it was bled dry they began clearing out for Israel and the United States. In Serbia there were very few of the Chosen People to start with, so they used bombs and missiles to wreck the country: faster that way. They're even collecting subsidiary benefits from Russia and Ukraine now: an estimated 2,000 attractive young Russian and Ukrainian women every year are taken to Israel by the Chosen People and forced into prostitution.

That's not my estimate, by the way; the figure of 2,000 Russian and Ukrainian women a year comes from the Jerusalem Post. I'm reading now from a copy of the December 28, 1998, issue of the Jerusalem Post:-- quote -- "Women are sold into the sex business in Israel for between $5,000 and $15,000, while the pimps who buy them can earn between $10,000 and $50,000 a year per woman.... According to the Israel Women's Network, 2,000 women are brought to Israel a year from the CIS and forced to work as prostitutes." -- end quote -- "CIS" is an abbreviation for Commonwealth of Independent States, primarily Russia and Ukraine.

You know, the Clinton government is full of "humanitarians" who justified their destruction of Serbia on the grounds that the Serbs were persecuting the Albanians in Serbia. When do you think these" humanitarians" will get around to doing something about the persecution of Russian and Ukrainian women in Israel? Did you know that it is legato buy and sell human beings in Israel today? Non-Jewish human beings, that is.

If the New World Order bribery is successful in Serbia-- "we'll lend you money for repairing the damage we did with our bombs and missiles if you get rid of Milosevic and choose the right president for your country, "was the way Mr. Clinton so subtly put it on television the other day --if the New World Order gang get one of their creatures in to run Yugoslavia like they got Boris Yeltsin in to run Russia, then I expect that we'll see a steady stream of attractive, young Serb women being smuggled out of Serbia while corrupt Serb officials look the other way, being taken to Israel, and providing even more $50,000-a-year-per-woman business opportunities for enterprising young Jewish businessmen that the Jerusalem Post can write about.



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