Holocaust Big Lie

How many Jews died during WWII?

Let me talk about one of the greatest mysteries of XX century called Jews "Holocaust". There are around 13 mil Jews worldwide nowadays (5 mil in USA and 4 mil in Israel). How is it possible that Nazi killed 6 000 000 Jews during WWII??? I cannot see so much Jews in a whole pre-War Europe!!! Even some of Jewish historians reduce this number to 630 000! Furthermore, many of them died not in a gas cameras but during battle in the armies or from the different deceases in the camps.

During this time Ukraine nation lost around 10 000 000 people (whole SU 27 000 000). Deutschland lost tens of millions as well. You can see that Jewish nation losses were comparable in percentage to all others.

But JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS COMPLAIN LOUDLY and demand money from children of them who wanted to clean up the country of Jewish influence!!! It must be a part of their whole politics of accusing white nation in all sins. It's a part of their politics of ruling the world.

There were no gas rooms in Auschwitz!


Nazis und Juden taten Unrecht,
aber das Rudolf-Gutachten beweist:
Die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft ueberprufte
das Rudolf-Gutachten.
Resultat: Keine fachlichen Fehler!
Eine Kurzbesprehung des Rudolf-Gutachtens
und weitere Dokumente erhalten Sie gegen
Einsendung von 10. Mark in bar an:
British Historical Society
20 Madeira Place
GB-Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 ITN



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