Unknown facts of WWII

Some unknown facts of WWII

9th of May some countries celebrate the victory of Soviet Union and Allied forces against Nazi Germany in World War II. However, it appeared that the only nation who won the war was  JEWISH one. After the war they discriminated all race-related ideas and got a huge loot for so-called "Holocaust" victims that never existed.

But it's not a topic of today's conversation. I would like to show you the other side of war, where glorious Allied forces committed horrible atrocities, but we blame for all sins only one  side - Germans...

Please read some extracts from one of the ADV (American Dissident Voices) broadcast.

Speaking of strafing, at the end of the Second World War U.S. fighter pilots considered it a great sport to shoot civilians along the roads and highways of Germany. Whether it was a refugee column fleeing the invading Red Army or simply a German farm wife and her children walking along a country road, American pilots would shoot them. It was considered a sport. Everybody knew about it, but no one ever was prosecuted as a war criminal because of it. 

What about the far more murderous carpet-bombing of German cities during the war? These bombing raids were designed to kill as many German civilians as possible [Hundreds thousands in fact were killed - web-designers' note].  Since the war I have spoken with two or three American bomber pilots who told me that they realize now that they were fighting on the wrong side during the war, and they bitterly regret having participated in the mass murder of Germans for the benefit of the Jews.

I'll give you an example. Four years ago, in my broadcast of May 24, 1997, I told you about a terrible atrocity which occurred in Italy toward the end of the Second World War. In May 1944 Allied forces bombed and shelled the sixth-century abbey of Monte Cassino to rubble, forcing the German defenders there to withdraw. Among the Allied troops was a division of Moroccan soldiers. Even then the Allies wanted to have "diversity" among their forces in order to show the world that they believed in racial equality.

Well, the Moroccans weren't much as fighters, but they were pretty good at cutting the throats of prisoners after the fighting was over. And they also excelled at raping civilians -- and prisoners too, occasionally, buggery being an established tradition among them. The night after the Germans had withdrawn, the Moroccans -- 12,000 of them
-- left their camp and swarmed over the mountain villages around Monte Cassino. They raped every village woman and girl they could get their hands on, an estimated 3,000 women, ranging in age from 11 years to 86 years old. They murdered 800 village men who tried to protect their women. They abused some of the women so badly that more than 100 of them died. They selected the prettiest girls for gang-raping, with long lines of dark-skinned Moroccans waiting their turn in front of each one, while other Moroccans held the victims down. And they raped some of the young men as well.

Here's another example, which I've also talked about in earlier broadcasts: that's the mass murder of the Polish military, professional, and intellectual elite by the Soviet secret police in April 1940: some 25,000 Polish leaders altogether, the cream of the Polish nation. The Soviet secret police had rounded up the Polish writers and professors
and military officers immediately after the Soviet invasion of Poland in September 1939. All of these Polish leaders, seen by the communists as a potential threat to the Soviet rule of Poland, were transported to Russia and herded into concentration camps. Then a few months later they were taken to execution pits, methodically murdered, and covered up in mass graves.

[Again, this true. Given case had a big publicity in Soviet Union at 80-es]




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