How we die out

There was a continuous travel in Europe and CIS that I have performed recently. Let's compare five different "white" places concerning their racial harmony.  

- Cyprus (island in the Mediterranean)

- Very large north-east German city 

- Very large north-east Ukrainian city

- Small Russian city at the state not so far from Caucus and Chechnya

- The Russian capital itself : Moscow

Everywhere it is possible to observe the same picture: original white population is suffered by aliens of differed skin color. Their welfare is affected and turned to worth as well as criminal situation.

Cyprus - there are a lot of Pakistanis, Indians, Arabs and so-called Pontians - Greeks that used to live in Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. Fortunately, it is not yet so easy for them to get permanent resident permit.

Germany - the streets are overflowed and overcrowded by niggers, Kurds and Turks Soft laws cannot prevent them from murdering, raping and selling drugs. The mass-media, however, are silent in order to make the remaining Germans patient and happy with their last days in a country they gonna lost so far.

Ukraine - yet no so bad, but people complain that even five years ago there were much less Vietnamese, Pakistani and Caucasians Again they bring the whole "bouquet" of  criminal activity.

Russian south. Mass media hide this fact, but in a private conversation a policeman mentioned that many hundreds of young girls and boys are hijacked, brought to neighboring Chechnya as slaves or material for illegal transplantations of organs each year. Near half of the young's got used to the drugs mostly due to the huge Chechen and Caucasian Diaspora (I mean people from Caucasian mountains, not Whites) here.

Moscow - enormous quantity of Azeri, Armenians, Chinese, Vietnamese, niggers, etc. could be observed everywhere. No comments.   In addition author can say that his experience of behaviors with most of these people was not so good.

Doesn't it look like a single picture from the global point of view? Everywhere somebody's evil will pushes the laws for racial tolerance, for accepting new immigrants, for the destroying of the world we got used to. And you cannot convict me in "racism". I don't give a f*ck to what they are doing in China or Nigeria. I'm not against Vietnamese. Let's them live at THEIR land and don't destroy MY world with THEIR habits, so I won't say a word against.

The people are so soft and cowardly that allowed to do it. The active nationalists should not forget this and treat the rest accordingly. But what is the nature of this evil will??? There is an no doubts fact that JEWS take the most of the key positions in the European, Slavic or North-American governments. And there is no point to call Boris Abramovich Berezovsky "Russian" or Madeline Albright "American" They are who they are. They are JEWS!

They afraid to lose their power in a mono-ethnic society. It is much easier to rule in multi-ethnic one.



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