Good Jews, Bad Jews and Zionism

I have received very interesting letter from my friend, our subscriber, where he has reminded very important and live topics concerning "bad" and "good" Jews:

 I don't like when Jewish people say they are "Chosen by God" or "super nation". Also I don't like all this Jewish propaganda through Russian-Jewish newspapers in Brooklyn. Also I don't like that newspapers pay too much attention to Israel. There is nothing special in Israel -why they so concerned.

 But I have nothing against Judaism or Hasidism as long as they don't want to catch all the world and make other non-Jewish people (or half-Jewish -which is common) as slaves.

 By the way, here in New York ( as somebody said joke fully Jew-York) there is an religious organization "JEWS FOR JESUS" -which, I think, stay completely apart from Zionism.

 Also , please send me detailed definition of what you call Zionism!

 In fact, I am not so experienced in Jewish newspapers of Brooklyn and their propaganda, but I want to be mentioned that although Bible study is widely used among different Christian religions, Muslims must to know Koran, a number of Asians are experienced in Buddha's ideas, most of these people can not say what Jewish Talmud is about.

You can find in a book stores Bibles, you can find Koran or Upanishads. However, I have never seen here anything for truly Jewish use. Some people may reply, that it is because of low Jewish percentage nationwide, but I have noticed much more booklets of different smaller sects and movements like Jehovah Witnesses or Crishnaites. It is possible to explain this fact in a following way: Jews do not want to know what their religion is about. Pope will accept any barbarian for baptizing. Mullah will be happy to convert Christian into Muslim. These are international religions, based on their relationship with God. But Rabbi will not share his knowledge Aryan or black American, just because their faith is based on the blood relationships.

All Jews (half-Jews or quarterones) are joined together by the blood, they are product of thousand of years spent at the Middle-East markets as slave traders and cheaters. Let me to remind you not so famous fact that a huge number of slave traders who took niggers from Africa were not White Racists, they were JEWS! And enormously high percentage of Jews still present among bosses of criminal world and white slave traders.

This was resulted by the fact that their religion, their mesas teaches them that the all world's wealth belongs to them and is only in a temporary usage of Gentiles, i.e. us. Therefore they aims to take this wealth from them whom they concerned as animals (according to Judaism). It is not a crime according to this religion to steal from or to kill a Gentile, i.e. one of us (and Israel does not give any Jewish criminals accused in crimes against Gentiles but fled to Israel.


That is the nature of ZIONISM, this is what I called FASCISM.


They teach us peace but prepare for war. They teach us to be tolerant and make us helpless, but they are the most hateful nation at all.

 I understand the argument that they can not be all evil, and I agree. I have heard and I used to know several Jews who realized such policy and opposite it. I have seen a lot of quarter Jews who do not think about this, who are true Christian. But ! As they come under influence of their faith, of their group that cultivate hate during the thousand of years some of them re-make their minds, or some of them do it instinctively without any continuous interrelation with Jewish groups but they target a dominant positions, they acquire wealth of Gentiles and act in a very unpleasant way, known from the anecdotes.

I mention that there are good Jews, but the most of them are under conscious or unconscious influence of their religion and their hidden bosses blinded by the dream of world dominance. They have a coercive power against renegades and they lead Jewish nation this deadly and dangerous way. The arithmetic is simple: thousand of Jews will die in street fighting, but we will acquire a power against million of Gentiles.

 If we will use a humanistic approach and try to decide what is true what is wrong in every particular case, we, ARYANS, we WHITE will die. We have to realize that it is a WAR, war where it can not be any compromises, we have to get rid of parasites who suck our blood, who rule us, and who kill us by millions. No co-existence, no cooperativeness. Our land should be free from aliens, children of our rulers should not rule our children!


And don't forget that Hitler killed many simple Jewish people just because they were Jewish. In the concentration. camps he burned or shot them- this is the fact of history.


6 000 000 Jews is official number. 630 000 is according to some recent surveys (even by Jewish historians). In Auschwitz, Poland camp where it supposed to be killed in gas cameras 4 000 000 Jews American scientist has found NO PRESENCE of gas !!! Then the leader of the scientists was imprisoned in German, because he has made Politically Incorrect Invention.

When I noted this fact and added that some of these Jews died from deceases, they complained and my HP was deleted from the server. That is the way they act, that is the way they fight. I recovered my page in the same organization but in another place and moved "criminal" part abroad.

Also I can say that the most of "Russian" revolutionaries were Jews. Civil War cost Russia 7 000 000 lives. Tens of millions died from hand-made hungers in 1924 in Russia or 1932 in Ukraine. Millions died from NKVD (KGB later) most of whose agents were before W.W.II Jews again. So, who is more cruel, Nazi or Jews ???


And as addition: You know that Jews are the most big enemies of Muslims and how can Clinton-Jew support Muslim Albanians? You know that all Albanian people are Muslim.


Yes they fight Muslims in the Middle-East in a very cruel and non humanistic way. Jewish soldiers killed a thousand of Arabic women and children (that is not so famous fact as well). However, they use old Romanian principle: "Detach and Rule". They made white people fight among themselves and they sacrifice them in the way to world dominance.

Today they try to punish strong and glorious nation of Serbs, who did the same that English do in Ireland, Spanish in their South (Basks) or French on Corsica - fought terrorism. Also I suppose Karadgich and Milosevic created not so good circumstances for Jews in Serbia. The result we can see. Jews have used Albanians just as a reason for Serbian genocide.

Do not forget - we might be next !




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