Shall we survive as a nation?

Following text is selected part from American Dissident Voices broadcast and it is mostly about current America's situation. Mostly, but not completely. All white people in the world are closely interrelated and a number of processes have similar nature. Ukraine and Russia are occupied by Jewish power. They have cut our roots. They have killed tens of millions of us during communism times and continue doing it during "democracy". They somewhere succeed in destroying us as a nation. There number of Ukrainians nowadays does not exceed so much the level of 1914 !!!

Their policy of racial mixing is not so visible, but a lot of Ukrainians who live in Russia forgot what they are from, many of us, of Russians and Byelorussia's  are involved into deadly "inter-marriage" with different "black" nations. A number of our girls sleep with dzigits from Caucasus, with yellow-skinned Asians from 5 Soviet Republics or even with exotic Chinese. Their kids, their genetic richness are lost for our race...

You might think we are far above from total destruction, however, who might suppose in 1860 in America that 140 years later White has no right to defend himself from the Black without accusing in racism? Who might suppose in 1945 when it was almost 90% Whites here, that by the year of 2000 it will be near 70% and by the 2030 it supposed to be less than 50?

We might get in to the same situation faster than you can imagine !!!

Here is the text from broadcast:

They came to us with false faces and false tongues, and we didn't know how to deal with them. They presented themselves as persecuted victims seeking freedom and justice, when in fact they were persecutors and victimizers seeking new victims. They spoke to us of the virtues of tolerance and diversity and openness and acceptance, when in fact they were the most exclusive and intolerant people on earth. They thought of themselves as a select race, a Chosen People, superior to all other peoples and the rightful owners of all the wealth of every nation.

Part of the ideology they have promoted among us, is egalitarianism. That is the notion that all human beings are born essentially equal in their capabilities, whether male or female, whether Black or White, whether from a family of achievers and creators or a family of chronic losers.

It has become fashionable to cheer for the Indians instead of the cowboys, just as it is fashionable to cheer for the Jews in any conflict with Gentiles, to cheer for the homosexuals in any conflict with heterosexuals, to cheer for non-Whites in any conflict with Whites. They have made Political Correctness fashionable.

They are intent on destroying us physically as well as morally. That's why we have the ruinous immigration policy we do, which is flooding America with non-Whites from the Third World. That's why they are behind feminism: why most of the leaders of the feminist movement during this century have been Jewesses. That's why they're promoters of large-scale abortion, why so many abortionists are Jews.

If the Jews are able to continue their programs of moral and physical destruction for another 50 years -- if we simply let them continue doing what they are doing now -- they will pretty well have finished their hijacking of America. There will be no single group in America with the numbers and the will to oppose them. The country will be simply a conglomeration of mutually hostile and disorganized minorities, controlled by the one truly organized minority. The Jews will control everything and own everything.

And our most basic principle is that we will do whatever we must do in order to achieve survival of White Nation. Life is the most important thing for us: the life of our people. We will do what we must, sacrifice what we must, in order to safeguard and further that life, just as our ancestors did what they had to do to preserve and protect the life of our people, the life of our race.



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