Do we all bleed the same?

nigger scool, monkey scool, racial differences
white man scool,  racial differences

RACE: The Truth, The Lie
Race - the truth, the lie - as differnet as black and white!
As Different As Black And White

nigger scool, racial differences

It is wondering lack of brain power among these bastards that masochistically assumes: "We (people) all bleed the same". I dare to remind that monkeys (undoubtfully their ancestors) bleed red as well.

Nowadays, there are numerous attempts to hide the simple fact of interracial difference. Niggers are black, right? What is wrong if I say, yes, they are black, I am white. I have Slavic face unlike curly heads of James Rubin, Madeline Albright, Yavlinsky, Zirinovsky, Vetrenko or other Jews.

For instance it is hided that according to US medical statistics niggerz are 14 (!) times more vulnerable to AIDS than we are. Think girls who to go out with. There is their racial feature as well as Whites are much more vulnerable to the UV rays of the Sun. Again according to stats an average Black IQ is 10% less than ours (it is tested not KNOWLEDGE or school grades but the ability to think). Asians are clever but they lack in physical body development.

We differ, that is fact. So the cows differ (ones for milk, others for meat). So there are battle dogs or pet ones. It is difficult to refuse that evolution process has developed some animals BETTER than others. Homo sapiens is more clever and BETTER than Neandertalian or Homo habilitus. The same with modern people. Whites are more developed than Blacks and one day we will born even more superior human and disappear. This is evolution, nothing abusive. Even There is no equality, Plato in his "Republic" supported this view.

Nowadays, Aryans (not all Whites are associated with them, for instance, Caucasians and Jews do not) - are the top of human evolution, I do not like them who are bullshitting about equality and advocates marriage on less developed creatures.



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