Racism theory - do races differ?

By Dr.William Pierce

 A recent case is that of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. He'd always been a hero to the Politically Correct establishment after his World War Two victory over the Germans in North Africa. After the war he toured Britain's colonies in Africa and filed a report with the government which was quite at odds with the aim of the liberals in the government to dismantle the British Empire, and so his report was stamped "secret" and filed away for 50 years. Montgomery not only was in favor of strengthening the Empire and opposing the spread of communism in Africa -- both goals anathema to liberals -- but he expressed his frank opinion of Blacks, including the supposedly "civilized" ones, and their capabilities. The Black African, Montgomery wrote, -- quote -- "is a complete savage and is quite incapable of developing the country himself." -- end quote --

I'll say it again: when I see a lot of otherwise intelligent people saying the same stupid things as if they were reciting scripture or reading from a catechism, and when they respond with angst and hatred when contradicted, then I suspect that I am dealing with the members of a religious cult -- and in this case it's the cult of egalitarianism. These are people for whom the statement that there is no difference between Whites and Blacks except skin color is not a scientific statement: it's a religious statement. They're horrified when I advise White women that sexual contact with a Black male is about 20 times as likely to give them AIDS as is sex with a White male, not because they believe that I'm saying something which is scientifically incorrect, but because I'm saying something Religiously Incorrect; I am saying something heretical, which threatens their whole belief structure. They are responding to me in the same emotional way that a devout Christian in the 15th century might have responded to someone who announced publicly that he didn't believe in the virgin birth. And in fact, the people that I offend by stating truths which contradict their egalitarian beliefs, just like their 15th-century Christian counterparts, would like to see me burned at the stake.

You know, this business of making a religion out of egalitarianism isn't just a curious psychological phenomenon, suitable only for investigation by students of abnormal psychology: it's an extraordinarily dangerous phenomenon that every patriot -- and in fact, every rational person -- ought to be very concerned about. In the first place, the prophets and the priests and the bishops of the cult of egalitarianism have at their disposal the most powerful machinery of persuasion and mind control which has ever existed: they are the masters of Hollywood and Madison avenue, of television and films, of all of the most influential newspapers and news magazines. Using their machinery of mind control, they have persuaded the most impressionable segments of our people that certain concepts are sacred and undebatable: concepts such as democracy, equality, diversity, multiculturalism. These are holy concepts, which must never be questioned by cult members. And other concepts are undebatably evil: racism, patriotism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism -- ah, yes, above all else, anti-Semitism must be opposed by the cult members.

The cult has appeared under different guises at different times and places. Sometimes it has been called communism, sometimes democracy, but the underlying idea always has been equality, and the prophets and bishops always have been the same people -- that is, people from the same tribe, the tribe of Karl Marx and Michael Eisner and Steven Spielberg. And they have preached their poison, their hatred for heretics, for all who questioned their doctrine of equality. They have murdered more people in the name of equality than have been killed for the sake of any other religion. As the great Russian patriot Alexander Solzhenitsyn noted just a few months ago, two generations of the best of his people were selectively murdered in the name of equality -- everyone who excelled, everyone who stood out from the crowd, everyone whose excellence showed up the lie of human equality, was murdered by the egalitarians who had a death grip on Russia. And really, if they could, they'd do the same thing in America.

That is something to remember every time you hear a cult member whine that "we're all the same inside." It's something to remember when the simple warning that contact with Blacks is the way most White women are becoming infected with the AIDS virus elicits the sneering response from a cult member that "their blood is just as red as yours." These cult members really don't care how many White women catch AIDS from Blacks or how many White people are the victims of Black criminals. Their only concern is that people not be reminded of these things.




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