AIDS and interracial sex.

By Dr. William Pierce

White women that sexual contact with a Black male is about 20 times as likely to give them AIDS as is sex with a White male.

The organization which I head, the National Alliance, has for the past five years or so been publishing warnings about the dangers of contracting AIDS through sexual contact with non-Whites. We have warned, for example, that heterosexual Black males are 14 times as likely as heterosexual White males of being carriers of HIV, the AIDS-causing virus. Our data came from the U.S. government's Centers for Disease Control and were entirely accurate at the time.

AIDS began as a Black disease in Africa; it spread to White homosexuals through sexual contact with Blacks, and for a few years White homosexuals made up the principal reservoir for AIDS outside of Africa; now, among heterosexuals, AIDS is on the way to becoming an almost exclusively Black disease again. In addition to the obvious behavioral reasons for this, there also are more direct genetic reasons: Blacks are genetically predisposed to infection by the AIDS-causing virus. This is an inherited, racial difference.

The most interesting aspect of this to me is the continuing refusal of a large segment of the White public to recognize the racial aspects of the AIDS epidemic. Even people who're not zealots for Political Correctness are embarrassed by any discussion of the subject. To warn White women that sexual contact with a Black male these days is about 20 times as likely to result in an HIV infection as contact with a White male seems very offensive to these overly sensitive souls. To them it's like yelling "nigger" in public. It's just so embarrassing that they can't deal with it.

At first I thought that these people were afraid that the material I publish might offend Blacks and might provoke a riot and that was why they objected to it. Of course, I wouldn't be offended if a Black organization published statistics, for example, proving that White people are much more likely to get skin cancer from exposure to the sun than Blacks are. It wouldn't bother me a bit. For one thing, I know that it's true. For another thing, I believe that it's good for White people to be reminded of that: it might make them a little more careful not to get sunburned. And if the Blacks want to believe that their relative immunity to sun-induced skin cancer makes them a superior race, well that's all right with me too. I'm not offended.

Our Comment: Taking into consideration all this information, we would like to remind White girls how dangerous it is to choose Black partner. And for the boys - good Black (or Jew) is a ... You've got it.



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