National Pride

What is the National Pride and what is the sense that everybody put in this definition? Normal people understand it as the feeling of belongings to a certain group of the same racial origin and cultural believes. Also it extends to the feeling of having their own land where they live, of having the land that they protect.

Nowadays, Jewish-owned media propaganda successfully persuades us of being "citizens of the Earth" and teaches that we are all the same, Aryans, Negroes and, of course, Jews. There are only small personal differences, not racial ones. And Jew could be even better patriot of Russia than some Russians do. That's what they say. They say that the blood doesn't matter, the land matters a bit but soon all the differences gonna disappear.

Despite of what they say, the truth is completely different. Americans of Irish origin still donate money to support IRA. They feel themselves Irish despite of generations that lived in America. Russian immigrants helped Soviet Union in WWII despite of all political disagreements with communist regime. Gypsies' tribes move all around the world and they still feel Gypsies in US or Romania. Niggers and Caucasians often kill Whites just because they are Whites without looking in the passport.

The same with Jews. Even the drop of spoiled Jewish blood kill all good in Aryan children. Half-Jews, Quartertones, one-eight Jews... Some of them are good people. Many of them look like the good people. Most of them have persuades the majority of population that they are good, they are just like all other people. In America they are American patriots, in Russia, Russian ones, in Ukraine.... etc. But they are not. This is not an empty statement, I made observations by myself. For them we will permanently remain "this Russians", and Russia will permanently remain "this country". They often say "I cannot live in this country" that they put into such catastrophic circumstances by themselves. They have not enough humanity to love our country and they never say "I love Russia (Ukraine)" without being lying.

That is not so bad thing. Even more it is completely logical, as I said at the beginning the blood matters. Much worth is that they make an assault by the whole power of their propaganda against our young generation. Nowadays, many of young Russians, Ukrainians say that the see no perspectives for them here. They would go to EU / US in case they can. They forgot an example of how fast the country can recover by using only its own resources, for instance like USSR after WWII, or Germany in 30-es. They wanna live on account of the citizens from the rich countries where you can still prospect (but you children won't unless they stop the flood of colored immigrants).

That is the thing that we cannot forgive to the Jews as well as many, many others... The list of their crimes is endless.



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